German Kleinspitz parti-colour and other colours, German Mittelspitz white

Spring 2017!
April 2017 couldnĺt make a decision. So we had spring and winter at the same time:
(Fotos: K. Nowozinski und Anita)
 Our puppies!
For the beginning of February we are expecting puppies of our Kleinspitz-girl: DAKOTA vom Urlbach and our Kleinspitz-boy: Mein Augenstern VRATZ PANDA.
(Fotos: Dr. A. Laukner)
On the third of February DAKI gave birth to 5 puppies. It was hard but puppies and mother are well and all are healthy! DAKI is very happy with her cute babies:
(Fotos: K. Nowozinski und Anita)